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The world’s most famous rat glue since 1972

The only original ones

Since 1972 Kollant develops rat glue formulations which are recognized all over the world for their maximum effectiveness. For almost 50 years, Kollant has been the most copied rat glue brand in the world.

Non-Toxic Product
Odorless and colorless
Properties unchanged over time

Non Toxic Product

The particular production technology developed at the Kollant plant allows the product to be non-toxic and therefore safe to use. Exclusively mechanical action. Captures rats by cohesion.

Odorless and colorless

The high quality of the raw materials allows to obtain a completely odorless and colorless formulation so that the rats have no elements on which to base their distrust.

Properties unchanged over time

Once applied on a suitable support (wooden board, hardboard boards, plastic supports), the rat glue guarantees the ability to maintain the cohesive properties unaltered over time, if correctly applied. The coexisting coefficient developed in the Kollant R&D laboratories allows to obtain not too long filaments which, otherwise, would be dangerous for the operator

Why are rats dangerous?

They can destroy

Electrical systems or internet cables and optical fibers. Insulating or insulating material inside of the walls, as well as the padding sofas and armchairs

The sources of food and water contamination

Because they are used to leaving manure in the same place where they feed.

Desease transmission

(Leptospirosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Toxoplasmosis, Hantavirus, Salmonella, Bubonic plague) through bite or contact with other fluids, such as urine and feces.


Grey rat
Sewer rat
Common rat

Body: Quite large: 18-27 cm
250-500 grams
Colour: Grey back, lighter stomach
Head: Round
Eyes: Small (with respect to the body)
Tail: Covered with bristles and scales, shorter than the body
Behaviour: Great runners, excellent swimmers, unwilling climbers, though they do it to escape or gather food. Rather aggressive and defensive. Active in reproduction throughout the year. The population can grow exponentially from 2 to 15,000 in a single year.


Black rat
Attic rat

Body: Quite large, 15-25 cm long
Weight: 150-250 grams
Colour: Black or dark brown back, lighter stomach
Head: Quite pointed, with a round nose
Eyes: Large (with respect to the body)
Tail: Skin colour and longer than the body
Behaviour: Good runner, excellent jumper, excellent climber.


Domestic mouse

Body: Small, about 10 cm
Weight: 15-25 grams
Colour: Brown back, lighter stomach
Head: Small and pointed
Eyes: Average size (with respect to the body)
Tail: Longer than the body
Behaviour: Loves small cavities, is a good jumper, good climber and good runner.


Rodent derives from the Latin “rodere”, that is “to chew”

This is due to their incisors: like us, they have two on the jaw and two on the palate, but they grow steadily throughout their life. For rodents, letting the incisors grow can lead to major problems, making it impossible to open and close their mouth to feed. They must therefore gnaw and chew continuously to keep the incisors under control, which are strong and often sharp.

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